Lake Garda, Sanremo and Home Summer Trip 2017 Part 8


Our time in Venice had come to an end and it was time to continue our journey into Italy, but where to go.

Italy had been left as a blank canvass after Venice so we could pick somewhere on a whim to visit, after a few ideas we decided Lake Garda would be the next destination.

We left Venice and hit the scenic back roads that passed through Veneto countryside criss-crossed with canals and dykes that drain the land to create arable farmland for the important vineyards. It is very similar to the Fens of East Anglia UK.

Arriving at Lake Garda the campsite was located, EUROCAMPING PACENGO which is a great site, big but it has adequate shower/toilets, supermarket and nice sized swimming pool with bar.

The camp was set up and the evening meal prepared, then a walk down to the Lake finding a bar on the shore we sat and had a night cap…or two then off to bed for a good nights sleep.

The morning sun rose to mother natures choir of feathered friends it was going to be another scorching day we had been blessed on this holiday so far with great weather and we all hoped it would last.

Hitting the Lake after breakfast we pumped up the kayak and set off to the middle of the lake. It is a stunning place and after a couple of days of relaxing and swimming we hit the road for two of our travelers this would be the final Journey and they would be home in Sanremo.

We arrived in Sanremo and this would be base camp for a few days, we stayed at my sister’s house, the top two floors offer holidaying accommodation, “HOUSE WITH VIEW”

Whilst staying in Sanremo we visited Rocchetta Nervina a village with a little gem that runs through it, the river that winds and tumbles over the rocks in this medieval village creating rock pools that are the perfect summer pools to swim in.


The holiday was quickly drawing to a close, myself and Lily had one last adventure to complete the long drive to the Channel Tunnel, which was not without its challenges a burst radiator bottom hose that luckily was modified to get us home to the UK.

We even had a chance to pay our respect to all those that gave up their lives for us all to enjoy a free future. We shall remember them.

This Holiday was a daunting trip, but we all enjoyed it, we visited historical sites and enjoyed the beautiful weather that stuck with us for the entire trip.

I would like to thank all the people of every country we visited for making it a memorable experience that will stay with us for a lifetime.