Been a while

Been a turbulent year due to a few life issues but the dark clouds have moved on and its time to start traveling and having new adventures unhindered.

The first update is that Kitty failed her MOT this year, not on to much track rod ends, O/S/F swivel joint, oil leak engine, yes it fell foul of the new MOT criteria and some wielding, I have had to move house and I don’t have the room to work on Kitty, I’ve had to make a hard choice……she has to go, Kitty will be missed but I have replaced her with a new vehicle Kitty 2 , a Discovery 3 TDV6 HSE , adventures in comfort.

Kitty 1 and the new Kitty 2

Got a few trips planned going to try and visit the places missed on last years calendar challenge ill keep you posted on them and any other adventures, going to add a roof rack so the roof top tent can be used if required but no majors changes.

Sorry its been a while.