Top of the country and back 2018 “The Lake District”

We left the wonderful city of Liverpool and decided to stop off at Blackpool on the way to the Lake District to stock up on supplies and obtain some seaside rock and have some Fish and Chips, what can I say about Blackpool it is what it is a stag and hen hot spot, so enough said time to move on.

Blackpool Tower and Poundland ,fitting..

With the sights of Blackpool behind us thankfully, Next stop the glorious Lake district we arrived late so we head deep into the wilderness and sleep in “Disco Doris” this is when the heatwave up north ended and the typical British summer weather began…RAIN

weather was promising for a start

I struggled with rain on the lens

grim up north

Our first night we slept in the car and the heavens opened but hey no worries we are British if it ain’t raining we ain’t happy ….I have to confess our second night was in a premier inn, the warm shower and beds a lovely treat.

The plan was to park up at Wasdale Head and walk up Scafell Pike but the conditions were just awful, we tried two days on the trot but it just didn’t happen for us, if I had been on my own I would have walked it but I don’t think Lily would have enjoyed it and it could of put her off walking in Scotland . We still had a good time.

even the sheep tried to get out of the rain

British beach holidays 🙂 St bees

The Lake District was a wash out so we made the decision to crack on and cross the border into Scotland hoping that the weather would improve. It was a shame not to have done the things we wanted to in the Lake District but myself and Lily promised ourselves we would be back.

Heading North we enter Scotland………..and blue skies appear