Top of the Country and back 2018 “Dunnet Head”


Dunnet head

After many hours of driving we arrived at our goal Dunnet head, Scotland this is the most northerly point of main land Great Britain.

To the north of Dunnet the land gently rises to form Dunnet Head, the most northerly point on mainland Britain whose cliffs fall 300ft sheer into the Pentland Firth. At its maximum extent the headland is some 3.5 miles from north to south and 2.5 miles from east to west. On a clear day the northern end commands some of the most extensive views you are likely to find anywhere in northern Scotland. These include the Orkney Islands to the north, and the length of the north coast of Scotland from Duncansby Head, 13 miles to the east, to Cape Wrath, just under 60 miles to the west.

Dunnet Head Light House

Dunnet Head Light House

Near the Dunnet Head lighthouse are minor fortifications built during World War II to protect the naval base at Scapa Flow, including a Chain Home Low radar station and a bunker used by the Royal Observer Corps during the Cold War. Burifa Hill on Dunnet Head was the site of the master station and a monitoring station of the northern GEE chain of radio navigation stations during World War II. There was also an artillery range on Dunnet Head during World War II.

Royal Observer Corps Cold War Bunker

Royal Observer CorpsCold War Bunker

Royal Observer Corps Cold War Bunker

Home Chain Radar WW2

We made it it was time to think about heading home ,a nights rest in John O’Groats at Storma View Campsite this is a lovely little campsite, after a nice sleep it was time to head south towards Edinburgh and a night in a Premier Inn.


Stopping off at Loch Ness with plan to get the kayak out, yet again the weather beat us we heard that the south of Britain was having a another heatwave so we just wanted to get to Edinburgh have a quick look around then hit the road to Peterborough which would be the end of the trip.

Edinburgh was a hectic place the fringe festival was on and most attractions were fully booked so this is a place we will go back to.


The final part of the trip was very rushed mainly travelling to get to the south before the heatwave broke, I think we had both had enough of the rain and cold weather but I have to say even the rain could not ruin the beauty of Scotland and the Scottish people are so friendly.

Next time we will spend more time hiking and wild camping in the mountains and try to stay away from the tourist hotspots

Disco Doris performed well, loved it.