What to expect in 2019

Mid 2017 to mid 2018 was a bit of a wash out in regards to the blog, due to personal reasons we were unable to finish the 2017 Calendar Challenge which was a great shame, after a long struggle im back on my feet in a new home and as you are aware a new Land Rover Disco Doris, i will be doing a walk around of Doris talking about the extras, roof top tent ,roof rack etc.

So the plans for the blog and the Youtube channel in 2019 are to continue with the Land Rover theme, camping etc but i would also like to share other outdoor activities, caving, hiking etc.

Plans at the moment Restart the calendar Challenge 2019 using a Calendar of the West Country ,January is in the pipeline and will be published soon.

February im planning to walk and wild camp the Ridgeway National Trail 87 miles and following on from this throughout the year complete other National Trails.

In March I have got a really good trip coming up exploring an EX top secret UK Govermant bunker, this is going to be an amazing adventure that i look forward to sharing with you.

Once the warmer months arrive then camping trips will start, Eire is on the cards.

Hopefully you will enjoy the more varied content, with more videos dont forget to Subscribe and like the Youtube channel videos or dislike.

Thanks for taking timeout to read the Blog or view the videos on youtube it means alot and i hope you will enjoy our 2019 adventures .

Cheers Lily and Ian