General Maintenance with some Air Suspension Problems thrown in.

With the UK lockdown still on going, its been a time of catching up with some needed maintenance and modifications to Doris.

Job one new cam belt and oil pump, this was slightly overdue and thanks to Broad Lane Land Rovers of Westbury Wilts all went well and no real problems, amazing service yet again Broad Lane are well worth a visit.

The whole idea for the Mod’s and maintenance was to prepare for a trip to Scotland in June but due to all the events of recent times and to stay safe and keep others safe that trip has been postponed, but hopefully a few day trips in Junes will still go head in the parameters of the lock-down advice.

I have had 4 X Led spotlight’s sat around the shed since last year so it was time to fit them to the roof rack. Straight forward just got to wire them in.

As you can also see i had 2 x 20 litre Jerry can holders that i was going to use on Kitty my old Defender 110 but never got around to it and they had been collecting dust in the corner of the shed. So i welded them together and they work perfectly on the roof rack on Doris.

Been toying with the idea of debadging the rear of the Disco and with all this down because of the current Global situation I got it done and i like it.

Just looks clean and nobody knows what the spec is.

And we get to the current job Air suspension compressor, been throwing up the same fault code intermittently for awhile but this has been getting more frequent as of late.

“C1a13 pressure doesn’t vent from gallery……” well this all pointed to a new compressor so i ordered a new replacement one to fit myself witch went OK, signs that the compressor had been out before became obvious a repair kit been used on it at sometime.

When the new one was all fitted , Suspension worked fine then went for a Drive “BONG” suspension fault …….dam, it looks like there are more issues on advice from Broad Lane Land Rovers i have opted to fitted a AMK compressor kit which it currently being done , watch this space.

Future mods, I really fancy a frontrunner draw system so I had better start saving my Pennies :).

Just a little update I’ve been away from here for awhile that must change.

Stay Safe Everyone and hopefully the Countryside will reopen soon.