Trip plans and Accessories

Its been a strange year so far ,I know many of our plans have been changed due to lock downs etc, a trip to Scotland and Italy having to be cancelled for myself, but if it means staying safe I’m willing to wait to protect others and myself.

A rough plan for a trip to Europe has been drawn up for 2021, but we will have to wait and see fingers crossed.

picture courtesy bathjems Ebayer

Ordered some checker plate for Disco Doris from Ebay , haven’t fitted it yet awaiting some Black aluminium rivets so when they arrive I will do a video on fitting I will leave a link to bathjems ebay page.

Also have a black Bonnet decal to fit from POWERFUL UK

Due to lockdown 1.0 my MOT was differed to December so Doris is booked in and the upper rear suspension arms will be replaced at the same time they were a advisory last year.

Still contemplating on a purchasing a TerrafirMa Snorkel I really think it will enhance Doris’s look and be a useful upgrade.

Be back soon with more info on upgrade’s and hopeful some camping trips, Stay Safe everyone and lets hope we can go explore again soon.